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The daily production capacity of the Indeni Refinery is 2,400,000ltrs while the daily national demand is 5,000,000ltrs a day. Because of this deficiency in production, the Government of Zambia imports the remaining 2,600,000ltrs by both road and rail transport from Dar-essalaam in Tanzania, Beira in Mozambique, Durban in South Africa and Mutare in Zimbabwe.

The fuel Imported is brought by Ship to these ports where they are then picked by our trucks. As for Zimbabwe, the fuel is pumped via a pipeline as a finished product.  

i.       Indeni Oil refinery which is the only oil refinery in the country, processes comingled feed stock (crude oil whose constituents are naphtha, condensant and diesel) which is pumped to them by TAZAMA. The feed stock is processed into Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Jet A1, HFO and LFO. The current capacity of the refinery is 850,000 metric tons per year.

ii.      The finished product is then transferred back to TAZAMA from the refinery via pipelines. TAZAMA through its subsidiary TAZAMA Petroleum Products Ltd then sell the finished product to Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) who in turn distribute the product to the various retail and commercial sites scattered all over the country with the help of PTAZ.

iii.     Investment opportunities exist in the petroleum industry i.e. both upstream and down- stream.  

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